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In our company in Denmark we have produced several beneficials since 1996. We sell our products to professionel growers as well as retail.

We advise about crop systems focusing on the biological control of pests and diseases.  We use and sell natural products (plant extracts etc.) which can strenghten plants, so the use of pesticides can be eliminated.

We believe that pesticides and synthetic chemicals must be avoided, and organic and other alternative ways of producting crops must be assisted, so to make better food and better environment for humans and environment

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Member of IBMA
Gazelle 2015
We support The Danish Cancer Society
Member of IOBC
Ecobotix ApS

Latest articles

Attending the Danish strawberry day in Brædstrup in Jutland 06.November 2018 gave us a good chance to promote and inform about our products for the strawberry growers. Many growers are investing in new tunnels as the yield of strawberries is good compared to growing... read more

New sachet machine

Our new sachet machine for producing sachets with predatory mites just arrived in week 50. We are proud to tell that the new machine will save energy, paper and carrier as well as transport cost of boxes, as the new sachets are smaller (around 50 % of the old version)... read more

Dispenser for bumble bee hives

A joint work is going on together with the Danish Natural History Museum about developing a dispenser on our bumble bee hives for spreading biological products in powder formulations. In that way the bumble bees can help distributing biological products for control of... read more