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In our company in Denmark we have produced several beneficials since 1996. We sell our products to professionel growers as well as retail.

We advise about crop systems focusing on the biological control of pests and diseases.  We use and sell natural products (plant extracts etc.) which can strenghten plants, so the use of pesticides can be eliminated.

We believe that pesticides and synthetic chemicals must be avoided, and organic and other alternative ways of producting crops must be assisted, so to make better food and better environment for humans and environment

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Member of IBMA
Gazelle 2015
Member of IOBC
Ecobotix ApS
We support The Danish Cancer Society

Latest articles

EWH BioProduction ApS is a success company in 2019

It is a big honor that the danish company price “Succesvirksomhed 2019” has been given to us among 1.000 other companies in Denmark. Out of 350.000 Danish companies. The price is given on  a small event in the company on 19. September. A very nice... read more

Consultancy in electric car

EWH BioProduction ApS has invested in a Hyundai Kona electric car. This make it possible for us to visit our customers in a more CO2 neutral way. The investment is in line with our strategic goal to strive for the lowest carbon footprint possible for our beneficials... read more

New environmental paper bags for predatory mites

This year we started to pack our Amblyseius (Neoseiulus) cucumeris, Neoseiulus barkeri and Stratiolaelaps scimitar (Hypoaspis miles) in 5 liter paper bags. So no more plastic waste to get rid of for the growers. We will continue to replace our other plastic bottles in... read more

Attending the Danish strawberry day in Brædstrup in Jutland 06.November 2018 gave us a good chance to promote and inform about our products for the strawberry growers. Many growers are investing in new tunnels as the yield of strawberries is good compared to growing... read more