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In our company in Denmark we have produced several beneficials since 1996. We sell our products to professionel growers as well as retail.

We advise about crop systems focusing on the biological control of pests and diseases.  We use and sell natural products (plant extracts etc.) which can strenghten plants, so the use of pesticides can be eliminated.

We believe that pesticides and synthetic chemicals must be avoided, and organic and other alternative ways of producting crops must be assisted, so to make better food and better environment for humans and environment

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Member of IBMA
Gazelle 2015
Member of IOBC
Ecobotix ApS
We support the Danish Cancer Society

Latest articles

Agrobio Acquire EWH BioProduction

Agrobio Acquire EWH BioProduction

From 1. April 2023  the spanish company Agrobio has acquired EWH BioProduction. We have worked close the last many years, and has both a long history as family owned companies. Agrobio is one of the leading companies in the world in pollination and biocontrol. Agrobio...

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Stratiolaelaps scimitus in cucumber 2023

Stratiolaelaps scimitus in cucumber 2023

The soil dwelling predatory mite Stratiolaelaps scimitus (Hypoaspis miles) is used in many Scandianvian cucumber greenhouses for assisting the biological control of Thrips. Use 1 spoon (5 milliliter) of product per bucket or slap with 2-3 cucumber plants. The effect...

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