Slow release sachet with predatory mites (Amblysieus cucumeris)


The slow release sachets are used for cucumber, pepper, egg plants etc. The sachet has a smart hanger, so it is easy to hang the sachets to the plant. Mites will run out from the small hole already in at delivery. The predatory mites are less than 0.3 millimeter, and will run out from the sachets up to 8 weeks. The sachets are filled wilt food mites and some nutrient for the predatory mites, in this way give them a way to multiply. High humidity is optimal for the sachets, above 65 %, optimal is 75-80 %. The sachets has a week number printet, indicating the week of production and installation on the plants. In this way it is easy to follow the age and remember to replace the old ones with new ones.


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